Graduate Student Parking Contracts

Semester Parking Contracts - Available to all graduate students

Student parking contracts, that are valid 24 hours a day/7 days a week, are available each semester. Locations vary but always include spaces on each campus.  Learn more on the Student Parking Contract page.

Renewal Process For Graduate Students

Graduate students can renew their parking contract online.

The Website will start taking renewal requests for spring semester 2023 on October 12. The deadline to renew is 11:59 p.m. on November 13.

Renew Online

NEW IN 2022! Graduate students can renew their student contract indefinitely.

Graduate/Professional Worker Parking Contract - Available to Students with a 95xx job code

This option is available to University graduate and professional student  with a job code 95xx (See job classifications with the job code of 95xx) and offers access to the same locations as staff and faculty.  Please be aware that some locations have waiting lists and are not available in a Buy Now status.

Contract Features

Cost & Payment

These contracts are billed quarterly in advance. You will need to visit Parking & Transportation Services (PTS) Customer Service to start your contract and make your first payment (of three months up front). After the initial payment, you will receive a bill that you can pay online.

Quarterly (three-month) rates are:

  • $231 for Parking Lot
  • $327 for Parking Ramp
  • $429 for Parking Garage


  • Quarter 1= Jan 1-Mar 31
  • Quarter 2 = Apr 1-Jun 30
  • Quarter 3 = Jul 1-Sept 30
  • Quarter 4 = Oct 1 - Dec 31

Contracts are valid from the business day after initial payment is made. Payment is prorated to reach through the end of the next full quarter.

How To Get Graduate and Professional Student Worker Parking Contract

Complete the Google Form.

Part-Time Parking Program

This is another option for graduate student who wish to purchase parking at the University.  Learn more.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Who is eligible for this program?

Graduate and professional student employees who have a graduate/professional job code 95xx will now be able to access parking contracts in the same manner as faculty and staff without the need for the lottery process.

Is payroll deduction possible?

At this time, payroll deduction is only available for post doc Associates. Additional information is available here. Payroll deduction is not available for others for a number of reasons, including tax implications for certain payment types and the inability to collect payment during break periods and other gaps in employment. In some instances, parking costs may exceed the total value of the paycheck. For graduate student workers who do not have breaks in employment, PTS is willing to review individual situations on a case-by-case basis. 


If I am not eligible for payroll deductions, how can I pay for the contract?

You can set up a quarterly billed contract. Once your contract is approved, you will need to visit Parking & Transportation Services customer service desk and pay for three months of parking up front. After that, you will receive a bill. The PTS customer service desk is located on the third floor of the Transportation & Safety Building and is open weekdays from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Why do I need to pay quarterly?

Quarterly billing is in place for a number of reasons, including tax implications for certain payment types and the inability to collect payment by payroll deduction during break periods and other gaps in employment. PTS understands that Graduate Worker pay checks can vary through the academic year causing a deficit between pay and parking charges.  In order to avoid disruption of parking access quarterly payment ensures no loss of access.

Why am I not qualified for this program?

This program was set up for those graduate students whose work is very similar to staff and faculty.

Graduate students that are not eligible for this program can still purchase student contracts. Learn more

What facilities are available for me to buy a contract today?

Review the facilities list on this Grad Student Worker Contract Form. It is updated regularly based on space availability. You can review the campus maps to determine what location works best for you.

Review East and West Bank facility locations.

Review St. Paul facility locations.

If the facility I want is not available, what should I do?

Complete this Grad Student Worker Wait List Form to join the waiting list for your preferred location. 

How do I find my job code?

Graduate assistant terms and conditions of appointment are included in an individual's appointment letter, which you will receive when you are hired. All positions beginning with 95XX are eligible. The University’s Office of Human Resources maintains a list of academic job codes, which can be reviewed here.

When will graduate student worker contracts be available?

PTS expects this program to go live on February 28, 2022.

How are you planning on sharing the news of this parking pass with graduate students?

PTS will:

  • Request that the UMN Parking and Transportation Advocacy Group share a link to the PTS informational webpage. 

  • Share the information with the graduate student governance groups. 

  • Place in the Graduate Update e-newsletter

  • Share on PTS news alert and social media 

  • Maintain Graduate student parking contract information on the PTS website

Are students on fellowships included in this program?

PTS understands that fellows may be covered by this program. Any fellow may request a review of their parking request on a case-by-case basis. An email can be sent to with name, job class, student ID, and preferred parking location. 

This program doesn’t fit my needs or I am looking for a more affordable option. What are my other options?

You may want to explore these additional options: 

How are your parking rates determined?

Rates are determined through our annual budget process. PTS is a self-supported unit, and receives no tuition or O&M funding.  Rates cover capital, operational, administrative, and upkeep of parking facilities and the transportation network on campus. 

Can I pay monthly?

Based on feedback from COGS leadership, PTS is exploring a monthly option. While this option is explored, grad student worker contracts will need to be billed quarterly.