Faculty & Staff Contracts

Parking contracts are available to University of Minnesota faculty and staff who work a minimum of 75% time. 

Contract Rates

  • Lot – $81 per month
  • Ramp – $112 per month
  • Garage – $146 per month


How to Purchase a Faculty & Staff Parking Contract

Determine your preferred Parking facility location, then add your name to a wait list or purchase a contract.

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Consider Alternative Transportation

The Employee Transit Pass is available to most faculty and staff.

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Optional Features

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Post-Tax Payment Option

Pretax parking deductions save employees money on taxes by reducing taxable income. 

  • PTS recommends that individuals thinking about having parking charges deducted post-tax first consult their personal tax advisor. 
  • If employees opt to change their tax election, they can contact the PTS Assistant Director of Finance at 612-625-1561 or e-mail parking@umn.edu to begin the process of completing an after-tax election form.

Special Situations

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Leave of Absence

A contract holder on official leave for multiple months may suspend their contract for the duration of the leave.

  1. Submit the Suspension of Contract Due to Leave form.
  2. Your current parking contract will be canceled.
  3. Notify parking@umn.edu when you have returned from leave.
  4. If space is available at your previously contracted parking facility, the contract will be reinstated. If the facility is full upon return, you will receive the first available contract from the wait list.

If the leave is less than six months, you can either:

  1. Cancel the contract and purchase a new contract upon return from leave, subject to wait lists.
  2. Retain the contract. As the contract holder, you will remain responsible for the parking contract for the duration of the leave. If the contract is payroll-deducted and you will not be receiving paychecks, you can arrange payment by emailing parking@umn.edu.

If your request for suspension is less than 6 months or if you return in less than 6 months from the start date of your leave, your submission of the form will not be honored.

Separated employees

If payroll deductions fail for a parking contract, the contract will be canceled. Contact parking@umn.edu to determine if you are eligible for contract reinstatement.

  • Contract holders may retain their parking contract for up to three months while looking for another position within the University of Minnesota. 
  • Laid-off employees who return to the University within one year shall be restored to the top of the waiting list in their previous facility.