Parking Contract Terms & Conditions

  • The University of Minnesota assumes no responsibility for loss by fire, theft or damage to your vehicle while it is in the parking facility.
  • The University of Minnesota reserves the right to move or reassign vehicles to other locations when necessary for closure, repair, event and other needs.
  • A contract can only be used to park one vehicle at any one time on campus. Any attempt to park a vehicle on campus using a contract currently in use will be denied entry by the system, a ticket will be required to enter and visitor/public rates will apply. 
  • Reciprocal parking privileges
  • Off-peak parking privileges
  • Contract cancellations
  • Use of stolen, counterfeit or altered parking permits may result in parking citations, termination of contract and loss of wait list privileges.
  • Failure to meet payment requirements may result in suspension or termination of contract.
  • For student parking contracts: SNOW PLOW ALERT - Students are required to move their cars to accommodate scheduled snowplowing. Unmoved vehicles will be tagged and towed at the owner’s expense. Students will be notified of snowplow dates and times through e-mail and posted signs in parking facilities.