Part-Time Parking Program

Part-Time Parking (PTP) provides a reduced-cost public parking option for those who need campus parking on an occasional basis. The program provides an unlimited number of entries and exits in a 24-hour period from the first entry. Purchases do not expire.


University of Minnesota faculty, staff, and graduate/professional students with a 95xx job code are eligible to purchase the program. Prior to purchasing the program, any existing active parking contracts must be canceled.


There are three purchase options at a cost of $8 per day:

  • 10 days for $80
  • 16 days for $128 (1x/week average)
  • 32 days for $256 (2x/week average)

These may be purchased with a credit card over the phone or in-person. Payment is not payroll-deducted (no pre-tax savings). Processing time can take up to one business day. 

Pay stations at gated entries and exits display purchased days remaining.

A new set of PTP days can be purchased once you have run out of PTP days. Please allow for one calendar date for the new PTP days to be available.

How to purchase

These may be purchased over the phone with a credit card or in-person at the Parking & Transportation Services Office by paying with credit card, check, or cash at the PTS Customer Service desk. 

PTS expects to make Part-Time Parking passes available via a PTS smart phone app in the future.

How to Access Gated Parking Facilities

  • The following credentials provide access to gated parking facilities for PTP:
    • U Card - the U Card associated with the contract holder is the primary access credential.
    • PTS Parking Card (PPC) - PPCs can be purchased in-person at PTS for a fee of $20.
  • Hold your U Card or PPC up against the Contract Reader on the entry machine and again at the exit machine. 
  • License Plate Recognition is not available with PTP.
  • For assistance entering or exiting, press the Help button on the machine.

Example of the pay station at the parking facility


If you purchase a parking contract through PTS, your unused PTP days will automatically be refunded either directly to your credit card or by check. Any other refund requests will require special approval from PTS.

Participating Parking Locations

This program is limited to participating gated locations and subject to space availability. Parking is not guaranteed at participating locations. Access may be blocked if the Reservation-Only sign is on or the facility is full. Reciprocal and Off-Peak parking privileges do not apply to the program.

See Campus Maps for the location of parking facilities.

Locations have a daily maximum of $9 or $13.

East Bank
  • 4th Street Ramp (except on football Saturdays)
  • Art Museum Garage
  • East River Road Garage
  • Gopher Lot
  • Oak Street Ramp
  • Parkway South Ramp (coming soon)
  • Prospect Park Ramp
  • University Avenue Ramp
West Bank
  • 19th Avenue Ramp
  • 21st Avenue Ramp
  • Lot 86
  • West Bank Office Building Ramp
St. Paul 
  • Gortner Avenue Ramp
  • Lot 106