Bike Lockers & Sheltered Bike Parking

Bike Lockers & Sheltered Bike Parking

Bike lockers and sheltered bike parking are available for University students, staff, and faculty on campus through contracts that run from October 1 - September 30.

Visit the Campus Biking Map to see locker locations.

Contracts are $40 per year, payable in advance, with bike lockers requiring an additional refundable key deposit for $60. 

Contracts can be purchased at any time throughout the year.

If you sign up for a space between May 15 and the annual billing date of August 15, you will be charged a prorated fee of $15 until the annual August billing date.

Contracts are auto renewing. Invoices for the next annual billing cycle will be sent on August 15 each year to be paid by September 15.

There are no refunds for early cancellations.

Bike Lockers

Bike Locker

Enclosed lockers will keep your bike sheltered and out of sight. Lockers fit most standard bikes.

Bike locker contracts are in high demand and most locations have a wait list. We can put your name on a waiting list and requests will be prioritized in the order they are received.

Fill out the Bike Locker Request Form to request a bike locker.

Cancellations require the locker key to be returned in working order to get your deposit fee back.  Once the key is verified, a check will be mailed to you for the key deposit fee. There are no refunds for early cancellations.  To cancel:

  • Walk into the PTS office and turn in your bike locker key. Please see our hours of operation before returning your locker key in-person. The address is 300 Transportation & Safety Building (511 Washington Avenue SE) or
  • Send an email to and mail your bike locker key to the PTS office (the contract cancellation date will be the postmark date).
    • DO NOT mail the bike locker key in a regular envelope. Please use a padded mailing envelope. If the key is damaged in any way and does not work, the key deposit will not be returned.

Sheltered Bike Parking

picture of sheltered bike parking

Sheltered bike parking is available at the Washington Avenue Ramp, Oak Street Ramp, and 21st Avenue Ramp (see the Parking Facilities Page).

Email or visit the customer service desk in the PTS office to purchase a contract. Be sure to bring your U Card and payment (cash or credit card only).

The Oak Street Ramp sheltered bike parking additionally functions as a Bike Center membership.  This allows access to 24/7 showers, restrooms, changing facilities and lockers at the U of M Bike Center through U Card access.

Visit the Campus Biking Map to see all three locations.

To cancel, send an email to or visit the PTS office (300 Transportation & Safety Building, 511 Washington Avenue SE). Please see our hours of operation. There are no refunds for early cancellations.