Fleet Vehicle Rental

Need a vehicle for a short period of time? We can set you up with the vehicle that is right for your particular requirements.

Business Hours: 
6:30 am - 3 pm, Monday - Friday

Fleet Services Building
901 29th Avenue SE
Minneapolis, MN 55414 (map)

Fleet Vehicle Rental Rates

Fleet Vehicle Fueling Information

Fleet Vehicle Rental FAQs


To make a reservation, you will need to have:

  • The type of vehicle needed (car, minivan, cargo van, pickup or larger truck)
  • Destination
  • Date/time of pick-up and return
  • Contact person/phone number
  • Department name
  • EFS account number

For assistance, call the Fleet rental desk at 612-625-3033.

Picking Up Your Rental Vehicle

You must have:

  • Valid US or Canadian driver’s license
  • U Card ID
    • If you do not have a U Card, you must have a Sponsored Driver Form on file with Fleet Services
    • All drivers present, if possible
      • Carpooling is encouraged - only one hangtag will be provided to park a personal vehicle for free in Fleet Services’ parking lot per rented vehicle
      • If all drivers cannot be present, please email fleetsrv@umn.edu or present a hard copy of redacted driver’s licenses (see examples

Rental vehicles will not be released until all of the information listed above has been received.


  • Reasonable rates
  • Fuel and maintenance cost covered under rental charge
    • Voyager Fuel Credit Card provided for payment of fuel and emergency vehicle maintenance/repairs
  • Free parking for customer's personal vehicle for duration of rental period
    • One parking permit provided per vehicle rented
  • Full insurance coverage
  • Need to park your rental vehicle on the Twin Cities campus? A Temporary Official Vehicle permit can be purchased for $7 per day (valid for 8 hours at an Official Vehicle marked parking stall). More details
  • Direct EFS/PeopleSoft billing
  • Free Thules available upon request and can be used on any vehicle with roof racks for additional storage

Rental Conditions

  • All drivers must be on the university payroll or a current University of Minnesota student. If not, they must have written permission from the head of the renting department. All drivers must be at least 18 years of age and have a valid driver's license from one of the 50 states or Canada. We accept restricted driver's licenses.
  • The person picking up a vehicle must present his/her driver's license. All other drivers not present must provide Fleet Services with a copy of their driver’s license either scanned and emailed to fleetsrv@umn.edu or as a hard copy with all but the following information thoroughly blacked out: driver’s name, driver’s date of birth, and license expiration date.  See examples.
  • The only passengers allowed in any vehicle are those on official university business. No exceptions.
  • All accidents must be reported, whether or not there was any damage done to the university vehicle. Submit an Accident Report within two business days.
    • Policy on Accident Reporting 
    • Renters are liable for all damage to the vehicle, whether or not it is accident-related. Fleet Services will only reimburse the cost of damages when an accident report is filed and the claim is approved by insurance.  In the event of an accident, departments are responsible for a $750 deductible or the cost of repairs, whichever is lower.
  • Vehicles must be returned in clean condition (without excessive dirt and debris) or an Excessive Cleaning Fee of $50 may be assessed to departments.
  • A vehicle cannot be dispatched without the necessary approval(s) and documentation.
  • University of Minnesota assumes no responsibility for loss by fire, theft or damage to your vehicle while parked in Fleet Services lot or on public streets during the rental period.

Alternative Rental Arrangements

In an effort to be more cost effective, Fleet is using Enterprise to supplement its rental pool during peak usage periods.  While Fleet makes every effort to fulfill incoming reservation requests, it is not always possible to meet 100% of requests, especially when last minute.  In the case we are rented at capacity and don't have the ability (typically with same day rental requests) to fulfill a rental request, please reference U Travel for approved alternative travel options.

NOTE: To ensure the availability of a Fleet vehicle, it is recommended to submit your request at least 3 business days in advance.

See step-by-step instructions.