Moped/Motor Scooters

If a license plate is marked "MP" or "MOPED", drivers need to park at free designated moped areas on campus.


Mopeds and motor scooters are prohibited from all campus sidewalks and can be assessed a parking ticket for parking at bike racks on campus.

As a reminder, in Minnesota, all mopeds/motor scooters must have a license plate.
East Bank Moped Parking Locations
West Bank Moped Parking Locations
St. Paul Moped Parking Locations

University and State Regulations

Moped Policies and Ordinances

  • Riders must wear eye protection at all times.
  • Operators must have a valid driver’s license, a valid motorized bicycle operator’s permit, or a valid motorized bicycle instruction permit.
  • Moped riders may not carry passengers.  
  • Mopeds are prohibited from sidewalks, except when necessary for direct access to a roadway from a driveway, alley or building. In those instances, they must be walked, not driven.
  • Mopeds cannot operate in designated bicycle lanes. Mopeds are not allowed on the Washington Avenue Bridge pedestrian level, unless walked across.
  • Mopeds must be legally registered and have liability insurance in order to operate on a public street or highway. 
  • Mopeds can not ride in any area that is restricted to emergency vehicles and buses only.

Mopeds/motorized bicycles are defined in Minnesota State Statute 169.01, Subd. 4a and usage is addressed in Minnesota State Statute 169.223 .

For more information, view the Minnesota Motorcycle, Motorized Bicycle (Moped) & Electric-Assisted Bicycle Manual.

Motorcycle License Plate 
Mopeds/motor scooters with plates designated “motorcycle” must adhere to all of the rules for motorcycles. Vehicles must park in a regular parking spot.