Emergency Operations

Medical emergencies – Call 911.
General emergencies – Call 911, notify the parking attendant or contact PTS at 612-626-7333.

Please report any suspicious person, activity or item in or around the campus shuttles and parking facilities to a bus driver, parking attendant or the PTS office.

  • Code Blue Panic Alarms are located around campus and can be activated to reach University Police.
  • For a quicker response when calling 911 from your cell phone, ask the dispatcher for University Police.

Parking & Transportation Services is fully committed to the safely and security of its customers and staff. PTS has devoted a substantial amount of staff time to prepare and practice emergency operation plans for multiple scenarios. In concert with campus-wide emergency preparedness staff, including UMPD and the Department of Central Security, PTS is ready to respond quickly and competently to any emergency on campus.

Stepped response

For every emergency, PTS will initiate a 3-step response.


  • Collect information from all University sources.
  • Analyze the situation for the appropriate response.


  • Notify essential personnel via a calling tree
  • Gather resources (staff, equipment)

Take Action

  • Plan for reduced operations
  • Plan for Closure

Once the emergency has been resolved, PTS will re-establish normal services.

Transit Operations

The Campus Shuttle schedule will remain unchanged for as long as possible during an official University emergency. Route and schedule modifications will be implemented as needed. Emergency transit operations will be staged from the East Gateway District lots on East Bank and the Minnesota State Fairgrounds parking lot in St. Paul. The University will work with the Minnesota Department of Emergency Services to coordinate transit operations and secure additional buses, if necessary.

Parking Operations

Parking attendants will be directed to close and secure facilities. Exit gates will be raised, allowing for free customer exit. Staff will be instructed to vacate the site, unless staffing is required for traffic control and personnel can safely remain at the facility. Motorist Assistance calls may be suspended.

Fleet Operations

Fuel, lease, rental and repair services will continue as long as possible. As the primary supplier and maintenance provider of University vehicles, PTS Fleet operations may become a critical element in the event of a University emergency.

More resources

PTS Emergency Preparedness Plans incorporate a framework developed by the National Incident Management System (NIMS).