Department Services

Fleet Services handles the following vehicle requirements for University departments.

Title and Insurance

Fleet services holds the title for all University vehicles, licensed trailers and equipment. In addition, Fleet ensures that all University vehicles are properly insured.


Fleet ensures that all University vehicles and equipment are properly licensed. To license a unit, please email a copy of the paid invoice, information for a vehicle contact, and EFS chart field to Then, please mail the original MSO/Title to: Fleet Services, 901 - 29th Avenue SE, Minneapolis, MN 55414.

Monthly Vehicle Fee

All department-owned vehicles are charged a monthly service fee to cover administrative costs. Effective FY24, the departmental fee is $56 per month for the metro-area and $31 per month for greater Minnesota.

Insurance Fee

The insurance charge is billed separately. Effective FY24, the insurance charge (per month) for vehicles will be:

  • Cars $64
  • Medium and Heavy Duty Vehicles (>12,000 lbs) $98
  • All other vehicle types $68

Driver License Checks

Fleet Services checks the licenses of full-time drivers of leased and department-owned vehicles annually for validity.

Biennial Vehicle Inspection Form