Parking Rates

Public Parking

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Public/Visitor Parking

Public Parking Rate

Public parking facilities and meters use the following rate structure when Event Parking is not in effect. 

  • $3 per hour during times of high demand (9 a.m. - 3 p.m., Monday - Friday) 
  • $1 per hour at all other times

Daily Maximum

The Daily Maximum (maximum amount charged in each 24-hour period after entry) varies by facility and ranges from $6 to $15. Facilities farther from the core of campus have lower Daily Maximums. The maximum length of stay at most meters is two hours. See the tables below for the Daily Maximum at each facility.

Early Bird Parking

Four locations offer an “Early Bird” discount on the Daily Maximum. Enter between midnight and 7 a.m. Monday - Friday and exit before midnight the same day for a Daily Maximum of $9 instead of $13. The four Early Bird Parking locations are: 

  • East River Road Garage (East Bank)
  • Oak Street Ramp (East Bank)
  • 21st Avenue Ramp (West Bank)
  • Gortner Avenue Ramp (St. Paul)

Consider the Daily Maximum when planning your trip to campus

Example: If you park at 9 a.m. on Monday and exit at noon, your charge at many facilities will be $9 (3 x $3 hours during a time of high demand). But if you park at a facility with a Daily Maximum of $6, your charge will be $6.

East Bank Visitor Parking

LocationDaily Maximum
UMN MetersMaximum meter stay is 2 hours or $6
Lot 37$6
Maroon Lot$6
Victory Lot$6
East River Road Garage$13 or $9 with Early Bird Parking 
Oak Street Garage$13 or $9 with Early Bird Parking 
Art Museum Garage$13
Fourth Street Ramp$13
Gopher Lot$13
University Avenue Ramp$13
Parkway South Ramp$13
Church Street Garage$15
Washington Avenue Ramp$15


West Bank Visitor Parking

LocationDaily Maximum
UMN MetersMaximum meter stay is 2 hours or $6
Lot 94$6
Twenty-First Avenue Ramp$13 or $9 with Early Bird Parking 
Lot 86$13
Nineteenth Avenue Ramp$13
West Bank Office Building$13


St. Paul Visitor Parking

LocationDaily Maximum
UMN MetersMaximum meter stay is 2 hours or $6
Lot 101$6
Lot 103$6
Lot 104$6
Lot 108$6
Gortner Avenue Ramp$13 or $9 with Early Bird Parking 
Lot 106$13


Rate Locations Additional Information
$10.00 See Campus Maps for locations. Williams/Mariucci Arena events, e.g. men's basketball and hockey, women's basketball
$10-25.00   Huntington Bank Stadium miscellaneous events and Gopher Football

Contract Parking (Effective October 2023)

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Parking Contracts

Monthly RateFull-timeEveningReserved Space



Rate Rate Per Type
$14.00 Month Cost is pro-rated (December 1 - November 30)


Medical Residency

RateRate PerType
$112.00MonthOak St. Ramp (varying dates)


Vendor Parking

RateRate PerType


Official Vehicle Parking

RateRate PerType


Loading Zone

Rate Rate Per
$120.00 Year
$10.00 Month

Users must purchase a new contract at a prorated charge if a hangtag must be replaced (no refunds for lost hangtags). 

Construction Permits

RateRate Per

Requests for construction worker parking must be submitted to University Owners Representative. 

Golf Carts

Rate Rate Per
$25.00 Month


Replacement Parking Credentials

Replacement Hangtag$20.00Non-refundable
Replacement PTS Parking Card$20.00Non-refundable



Type Cost Specifics
Duplicate PTS Parking Card $20.00/card Non-refundable, max of 2


Departmental Parking Options

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Reserved Meters

Location Rates Times Dates
East & West Bank campus $24 Per day
St. Paul campus $16 Per day

View locations at:

Parking Reservations (Departments)

Rate: Additional Information:
$1.00 Per vehicle space reserved in addition to the facility fee.


Miscellaneous Fees

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Student Transportation Fee

Rate Rate per Type
$71.00 Semester This mandatory fee helps to pay for the shuttle and paratransit services around campus. $45 of the fee goes to the Universal Transit Pass.  $3 of the fee goes to University Security.


Bicycle Contracts

Rate Timeframe Type
$40.00 Year Secure Bike Storage
$40.00 Year (Effective 10/1 - 9/30) Bike Locker (non-refundable)
$60.00 Deposit Bike Locker Key (refundable)
$60.00 Charge to give a customer a replacement bike locker key Bike Locker Key (non-refundable)




Fleet Fees

Rate Rate Per Type
$50.00 (metro area) Month Service Fee
$25.00 (greater Minnesota) Month Service Fee
$135.00 Hour Shop Labor
$8.50 Use Car Wash
$59.00 Month Liability/Collision Coverage Fee - Cars
$91.00 Month Liability/Collision Coverage Fee - Medium & Heavy Duty Vehicles (>12,000 lbs)
$64.00 Month Liability/Collision Coverage Fee - All other vehicle types

*Lease/Rental rates vary depending on the vehicle.