Bikes and Transit

Combine your bike ride with transit to arrive even faster or go farther. Bike racks can be found on the front of all full-size campus buses as well as in all city and suburb buses. Bike racks are also available inside light rail cars.

Loading Tips

  • Notify/signal the driver that you intend to load/unload your bike. Always load your bike from the curbside.
  • If the rack is empty, lift the metal handle, and pull the folded bike rack down flat.
  • To load your bike in an open position, unhitch and raise the support arm until it is upright. Release the support arm over the front tire. Be sure that the support arm is resting on top of the tire, not on the fender or frame.
  • Make sure that your bike is free of water bottles and other loose items.

Washington Avenue Transit/Pedestrian Mall

Metro Transit created a video to show how to safely use the Washington Avenue Transit/Biking/Pedestrian Mall.

Remote video

Still wary to use the bike rack on the bus?

Metro Transit Bike Loading Tips