Parking Reservations

Departments can reserve a parking spot for guests in advance in certain parking facilities.

What You Do

  • Make a reservation before 4:30 pm, at least ONE business day in advance.
  • Specify the date, time and number of guests.
  • Fees will be charged to your department's EFS account.

Book a Parking Reservation

Reservation Locations

East Bank campus

  • Church Street Garage
  • East River Road Garage - East River Parkway entrance only
  • University Avenue Ramp 
  • Washington Avenue Ramp 

St. Paul campus

  • Lot 103
  • Lot 104

What Your Guests Do

  • Your guest will pull a ticket and enter the facility. (Your guest will have a parking space even if the facility is marked as “Reservation Only”.)
  • At the automated pay machine, your guest should push the "Press for Help" button for assistance to exit. He or she should let the customer service representative know about the reservation, including the name of the function or event.

Reservations Terms & Conditions

  • A parking space will be held for a maximum of one hour after the scheduled arrival time.
  • Reservation parking does not allow in-and-out privileges.
  • An administrative fee of $1 per space reserved will be charged in addition to the facility fee 
  • The facility fee is $3 per hour for the first 3 hours and $1 per hour after that to a maximum of $15.
  • Billing will be based on the number of spaces reserved at the hourly rate. This fee will be adjusted if the actual number of vehicles parked exceeds the reservation.
  • PTS is not responsible for any abuse, misuse, or fraudulent charges to the reservation system. Please keep your reservation confidential and inform only the individuals intending to park under the reservation.
  • Rates are subject to change annually on July 1.
  • All department reservations are for University department use and therefore exempt from Minnesota sales tax. If a department resells or charges parking fees to individuals or groups then that department is responsible for collecting and paying the appropriate sales tax to the state of Minnesota and, if applicable, the presiding city. Sales taxes imposed on these sales can be waived by the department if the department obtains a correctly completed exemption certificate (MN ST3 Form) from the purchaser of the parking.
  • For questions, please call 612-626-7275.

Another Option To Pay For Guest Parking

For all other public parking facilities, validations allow departments to provide paid parking for visitors. Learn more about validations.