Washington Avenue Transit/Bike/Pedestrian Mall

Washington Avenue is closed to general traffic between Pleasant and Walnut streets.

Only transit buses, light-rail trains, emergency vehicles and bicycles are permitted on the Washington Avenue Transit/Bike/Pedestrian Mall between Walnut and Church streets. See map.

In this area, buses and trains will operate jointly on light-rail tracks at restricted speeds. Bicycles and emergency vehicles will share outside lanes.

Riding Transit

Safety on the station platform

  • Turn down your mobile device near the platform and rail crossings.
  • While waiting for the train, always stand behind the yellow line on the platform.
  • Stand back until the train stops. Be careful of trains leaving the station.
  • Cross tracks only at the ends of the platform.
  • Running or horseplay on the platform is dangerous – especially near moving trains.
  • Skateboarding, rollerblading and riding bikes on platforms is not permitted.
  • Wait for other passengers to exit the train before you board.
  • Don't stick arms or legs in the doors to prevent them from closing; just relax and wait for the next train, it's just a few minutes away.


Metro Transit created a video to show how to use the new Washington Avenue Transit/Biking/Pedestrian Mall safely.

Remote video

See more videos and information about two-stage turn bike boxes online.


Vehicles are not allowed on Washington Avenue between Pleasant and Walnut Streets. Only emergency vehicles can drive through campus on Washington Avenue. See map.


General Light Rail

Remote video

Listen up

Listen Up!

Unlike freight trains, you might not hear a light-rail train approaching. Pay attention near the tracks.

  • Listen for train horns and warning bells.
  • The ends of a light-rail train are identical. Red taillights mean a train is moving away from you.
  • Look both ways before crossing the tracks by car, bike or on foot.