Departmental Contract

Departments with University owned or leased vehicles can purchase a departmental contract to have a home location to park their vehicles. Departmental contracts do not offer reciprocal parking. 

Departmental contracts are subject to wait lists. To be added to a waitlist, please submit the Departmental Contract Request Form

  • Please see Parking Facilities and Campus Maps for locations. PTS will contact you if a location you request is unavailable for departmental contracts. 
  • When your department comes up on a waitlist, you will receive an email from PTS offering a contract. If you accept the contract, your PTS Parking Card (PPC) or hangtag will be sent via campus mail to the campus mail code you submit with this form. 


Contracts are quarterly billed to EFS. Charges are prorated when contracts are started, and refunds are prorated when contracts are canceled. Rates are subject to change. 

  • Lot: $74.29/month 
  • Ramp: $102.73/month 
  • Garage: $133.91/month 

Departments can have a maximum of two PPCs/hangtags associated with their contract.

Request a contract