Contract Cancellation

How to Cancel UMN Faculty, Staff, & Student Parking Contracts

Gated Parking Facilities

To cancel a contract at a gated facility that utilizes a U Card or other parking access card, please complete and submit the Gated Contract Cancellation Form.

Hangtag Parking Facilities

Please submit the Hangtag Contract Cancellation Form if you want to cancel a contract at a hangtag lot or if you transferred your contract from a hangtag lot and were directed by PTS to fill this submit this form.

How to Cancel UM-Physicians Parking Contracts

UMP employees must use the UMP Contract & Wait List Form to cancel gated and hangtag contracts.

How to Cancel a Fairview Contract

Fairview employees with questions about their parking options should contact Fairview at

How to Cancel Departmental and Official Vehicle Contracts

To cancel a Departmental or Official Vehicle contract, please email with the department associated with the contract, the contract number, and the date to cancel the contract.

How to Cancel Vendor and Loading Zone Contracts

To cancel Loading Zone and Vendor contracts, hangtags must be returned in-person to the PTS office (300 Transportation and Safety Building, 511 Washington Avenue SE, Minneapolis, MN 55455).

How to Cancel Other Contracts

Bike Lockers 

Follow instructions on the Bike Lockers & Sheltered Bike Parking page to cancel a bike locker contract.

Bike Shelters

To cancel a bike shelter contract, complete and submit the Bike Shelter Contract Cancellation Form


To cancel a motorcycle contract, please email your Employee/Student ID and a photo of your parking sticker removed from your motorcycle to Your contract will then be canceled on the date you emailed PTS and you will receive a notice of cancellation email within two (2) business days.

Contract Refunds

  • There is no fee to cancel a PTS parking contract.
  • If eligible, refunds for contract cancellations may take approximately 4-6 weeks to be processed. Generally, refunds are processed by PTS within a week and then are managed by payroll and accounts receivable. Refunds on accounts with a credit balance will not be processed for hangtag contracts until the hangtag cancellation process is completed as documented in the Hangtag Contract Cancellation Form. Payroll-deducted contracts will be refunded via the university payroll system.
  • Please be aware that university pay periods are NOT the same as parking deduction periods (the two-week timeframes are NOT the same - see Contract Payroll Schedule). The monthly parking rate is calculated from the annual rate divided over 12 months. The bi-weekly rate is the annual rate divided by the amount of pay periods in the parking year (October 1 thru September 30).