Electric Vehicle Resources

The popularity of electric vehicles grows each year. Fleet Services staff can assist you in navigating this transportation choice – what to buy, how to charge these vehicles, where charging stations are both on and off campus.

On-Campus Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

Learn about the three kinds of electric vehicle charging stations and see where these are on the University of Minnesota campus.

On-Campus Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

Electric Vehicle Options in the Rental Fleet

Fleet Services added two all-electric vehicles to the rental fleet in the summer of 2017.  The rental fleet has a 2017 Ford Focus (range approximately 100 miles) and four 2017 Chevrolet Bolts, one of which will be available to rent. 

The new Chevy Bolts were obtained through a partnership with the State of Minnesota Department of Administration.  A press conference took place on June 29, 2017 at the State Capitol that showcased the state partnership and the new vehicles.

Each vehicle has a per-charge range of approximately 235 miles, which allows them to be driven longer distances between charges. 

Though electric vehicles will not be the right vehicle for everyone, they will be able to meet the needs of a significant portion of reservation requests that stay local to the Twin Cities. Even trips that fall outside of the electric vehicle's one-way range may still be possible, thanks to high-powered DC Chargers. These chargers get the vehicle back up to 80% range in only 30 minutes. To find chargers along your route, please see Plug Share.

Be aware!  Some charging stations cost a fee to use. In this case, please pay for the cost of charging using the Voyager card. If the Voyager card is not accepted, use a departmental PCard or personal credit card and then contact Fleet Services for reimbursement.

Each electric vehicle has a portable, Level 1 charger in the trunk. The charger will plug into any regular 120v outlet. Plug the vehicle in while you are at your destination to top off the battery and to keep its temperature ready for use (especially important in winter).

Helpful Guides/Tips

Get to Know your Bolt Guide (from Chevrolet)

Focus Quick Reference Guide (from Ford)

Chevrolet Bolt Tips (from the U of M)

Should I Buy An Alternative Vehicle?

Check out a cool resource created by a U of M Extension educator. 

Alternative Vehicle Decision-Making Tool