Report an Accident

Any accident involving a University vehicle, including non-preventable incidents such as hail damage and vandalism, must be reported to Fleet Services through our online Fleet Accident Report. This will allow the University to properly process the necessary paperwork to protect its assets.

  • All accident reports must be filed within two working days.
    • If there are personal injuries to others, file the accident report immediately.
    • If the accident involved another vehicle, file the accident report by the end of the day.
    • If you incurred a personal injury, file the accident report as soon as you are able, within two working days.
  • If an accident report is not filed within two working days, your department will not be reimbursed for repairs made to the vehicle.
  • Damage to University vehicle must be repaired within 6 months of the occurrence or the cost of repair will be fully on the department

Please see the University of Minnesota Procedure Reporting Accidents involving University Vehicles to learn about accident reporting and processing.


If you have any questions about Accidents to University vehicles please contact Chanda Dennis at 612-301-1009 or email

Normal Wear & Tear Versus Accident Damage Requiring Report

Damage resulting from normal wear and tear does not require an accident report. Examples include door dings, paint chips, and superficial scratches smaller than the size of a credit card.

Fleet reserves the right to ask for an accident report if damage is determined to be beyond normal wear and tear.