Maintenance Shop Services

Effective FY25, the shop labor rate will be $150 per hour; the self-service car wash fee will be $11 per use; and parts will be assessed a 15% administration fee.

Preventative maintenance is critical to the lifespan and smooth running of a vehicle, so Fleet Services provides full service on all leased and rental vehicles. Beyond normal maintenance, Fleet Services also provides:

  • Maintenance consulting for department-owned vehicles
  • Biannual safety inspections
  • Emergency roadside assistance
    • Fleet Services (6:30am-3:30pm, M-F)
    • Twin Cities Transport Services 
      (for after-hours towing needs on campus)
    • Voyager 
      (for out-of-state assistance - not valid in Canada)
      How to use instructions
  • 24-hour fuel availability on the Twin Cities campus (unleaded, diesel and E-85 fuels)
  • 24-hour self-service car wash facility
  • Truck wash bay
  • Complete Department of Transportation inspections
On average, regular maintenance takes 1-2 hours.

Call 612-280-1674 today to set up your appointment!

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