Fleet Vehicle Rental Rates

2023-24 Rental Rates

FY24 rental rates will be effective 7/1/23.

Compact Car5$41$61$336$1,057$0.18
Mid-Size/Full-Size Car5$41$62$341$1,074$0.18
Minivan 3
Subaru Ascent
Mini SUV
Ford Escape 
10-Passenger Van (only 2 avail.) 
Suburban, Expedition
Pickup Trucks3-5$47$70$385$1,213$0.38
3/4-Ton Cargo Van 2$42$63$347$1,091$0.57

Furniture Van w/Lift

(16 ft. box truck)

4x6 Trailer n/a $7$11 $61 $191 n/a

1 A minimum is any period of four (4) hours or less. It is not charged in conjunction with another period charge: it is charged only if the vehicle has been out less than a day.

2 Due to volatility of fuel prices, mileage rates may be adjusted up or down during the year. University rental vehicles are not charged for gas. Each vehicle is issued a gas key and credit card. The key is used at the gas pumps located by the rental dispatch location; the credit card is to be used only when not in the area. The gas credit card can be used at any station whose brand is displayed on the brochure in the rental.

3 We offer Thule rooftop cargo carriers with our 7-passenger minivans. These carry 13 cubic feet or up to 110 pounds of cargo. Please use the comments section of the reservations request form to request a cargo carrier.

Other Possible Charges:

  • Insurance Deductibles—Insurance coverage is supplied with all rentals. University vehicles have a $500 deductible on collision and comprehensive unless it is determined that the driver at the time of the accident did not have a valid license. If a driver does not have a valid license, the deductible will be $2,500. Glass breakage is fully covered for road chips and stones.
  • Cancellations—A $50 fee will be charged to any party that does not cancel at least 24 hours in advance.
  • Late Pickup/No-Show Fee—If a rental vehicle is not picked up within two hours of the scheduled pickup time, the reservation will be canceled and the renting department will be charged a  $50 no-show fee.
  • Late Return Fee—The department renting a vehicle will be charged a late fee of $50 if that vehicle if it is not returned within two hours of the scheduled return time AND the regular usage fee until the vehicle is returned. If you find that you will not be able to return the vehicle by the scheduled return time, please contact Fleet Services. We will extend your reservation for you if at all possible.