Fleet Vehicle Rental FAQs

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How do I purchase fuel while out on a long trip or repairs if I have a problem with a vehicle?

All rental vehicles come with a Voyager credit card that can be used for fuel and maintenance.  There is a 24-hour customer service and roadside assistance phone number (1-800-987-6591) to be used to report maintenance or breakdown issues.

Who is responsible for tickets, tolls or other citations?

Tickets, unpaid tolls, and other citations are the responsibility of the driver, not the department. See the University of Minnesota Board of Regents Policy. NOTE: Tolls are reimbursable travel expenses, however, late fees associated with unpaid tolls are the responsibility of the driver.

Do I need to fuel the vehicle prior to returning it to Fleet?

Fleet requests you fill up your vehicle either at the Fleet fuel pumps using the attached fuel fob or at a gas station using the provided Voyager credit card.

How many drivers can be signed up for one trip with multiple vehicles?

There is no limit.  As long as drivers are 18 years of age and have either a valid US or Canadian driver’s license, they can drive University vehicles.  Fleet’s front desk staff need to either see actual license or a copy of it.  We do not keep driver license information on file at Fleet, so the driver’s license needs to be presented each time a vehicle is picked up.

What about proof of insurance? How is insurance paid for?

All vehicles come with two insurance cards.  One is in the key pouch with the Voyager credit card and another one is in the glove box.  Insurance, fuel and maintenance are included in the vehicle mileage charge.

When can I pick up a vehicle at Fleet for rental?

Business hours are from 6:30 a.m. to 3:30 pm Monday through Friday (closed Saturday and Sunday).  If you need a vehicle for a weekend trip, please contact the Fleet Front Desk at 612-625-3033.

What if I need to transport a canoe on my rental?

Renters are responsible for ensuring canoes and kayaks are properly secured to a Fleet vehicle. Departments will be held responsible for any damage caused by negligence.  Fleet has a limited number of canoe straps to provide for free.

What if I need to transport animals in my rental?

For the health and comfort of subsequent renters of the vehicle who may be allergic to animal dander, unless the passenger has a service animal, no pets or animals may ride in a passenger vehicle (trucks and cargo vans may be used for contained transport).  The vehicle must be returned in its original condition with no animal hair or feathers anywhere.  Renters whose vehicles require a detailed cleaning to remove animal hair or address sanitary issues will be assessed a cleaning fee of $50.

What if I need to drive off-road for field work/research?

When vehicles are used for field work, please take reasonable care to protect the vehicle. We are all stewards of University property.

This includes, but is not limited to, these guidelines:

  • Drive slowly on dirt roads
  • Avoid driving large vehicles down heavily-forested areas
  • Put all research chemicals into plastic totes
  • We appreciate your cooperation