Bike Parking Contract Terms & Conditions

  • Only one bike per contract is permitted to park at any one time. Violation may result in tagging, impounding, and/or revocation of parking contract.
  • The University of Minnesota assumes no responsibility for loss by fire, theft or damage to your bicycle or other property while in the bicycle locker/sheltered parking facility.
  • The University of Minnesota reserves the right to relocate bicycle lockers & their contents and bicycles or other property in sheltered parking to other locations when necessary.
  • The bike contract year runs from October 1 - September 30.
  • Invoices for the next annual billing cycle will be sent on August 15 each year to be paid by October 1. There are no refunds for early cancellations.


  • To terminate your locker contract, visit the PTS office and turn in your bike locker key, OR mail it to PTS Biking Suite 300, 511 Washington Ave SE, Minneapolis MN 55455.
  • To receive your key deposit back, you must return a key that is in working order.
  • DO NOT mail the key in a regular envelope, use a PADDED MAILING ENVELOPE.
  • If the key is damaged in any way, the key deposit will not be returned.


  • Secured access to the sheltered parking will be removed in October if payment is not received.
  • Sheltered parking cancellations can be emailed to OR visit the PTS office in person.