Green Line

METRO Green Line (formerly Central Corridor)

The METRO Green Line runs from downtown Minneapolis to downtown St. Paul through the heart of campus along Washington Avenue. There are three stations on the U of M campus: West Bank, East Bank and Stadium Village.

Light-rail fares are the same as Metro Transit bus fares (drivers do not carry change). Trains do not have fare boxes. Riders must pay before boarding.

Students can use the Universal Transit Pass with their U Card.

Metropass holders must touch their pass to the Go-To reader adjacent to the ticket machine at the rail station. Be prepared to show your pass and U Card to the fare inspector if asked.

Transfers are valid between bus and rail if used within 2½ hours. Express or rush hour charges may be applicable and must be paid in cash.

Trains will operate every 10 minutes during peak travel periods, with a travel time of 39 minutes between downtown St. Paul and downtown Minneapolis.

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Rush Hours
(weekdays 6-9 a.m. and 3-6:30 p.m.)
Every 10 minutes
Every 10 minutes
Every 15 minutes
Owl (1 a.m.-5 a.m.)
Once per hour
Every 10-15 minutes
Sunday / Holiday
Every 10-15 minutes
Note: These times are average and may apply only to the main portion of the route. Refer to the schedule for details.


What to Do When Light Rail Train Can't Run

When rail maintenance, construction or other disruptions prevent light rail trains from operating, buses are used to replace rail service. See where to board these buses. Got Light Rail Comments? Make your voice heard - give feedback.