Fleet Vehicle Lease Rates

2024-2025 Leasing Rates

Fuel is charged to the vehicle as it is purchased.

  • The insurance charge is billed separately. Effective FY25, the insurance charge (per month) for vehicles will be:
    • Cars $68
    • Medium and Heavy Duty Vehicles (>12,000 lbs) $110
    • All other vehicle types $73
  • Vehicles not serviced on the Twin Cities campus do not pay a mileage rate but must pay all fuel and maintenance charges as they occur.
  • Added equipment such as shelving, lift gates and snowplows will increase the vehicle’s monthly lease rate.
  • Lease rates, while based on a monthly charge, are calculated and billed on a daily rate basis to allow accurate prorated fees.

If you do not see a rate for a vehicle you would like, contact Melina Helgeson at (612) 625-8020 to get a rate.

Electric Car$524$0.16
Compact Car$410$0.19
Midsize Car$413$0.19
7 Passenger Minivan$466$0.19
Hybrid Mini Van$740$0.19
10-Passenger Van$527$0.35
Mini SUV - Equinox/Escape$486$0.24
Midsize SUV - Tahoe/Explorer$563$0.44
Fullsize SUV - Suburban$753$0.49
Mini Cargo and 1/2 Ton Cargo Van$360$0.34
3/4 Ton & 1 Ton Cargo Van$374$0.50
3/4 & 1 Ton Extended Cargo Van$394$0.50
Cutaway Van (Chassis Only - Body & Eqpt Extra)$345$0.44
1/2 Ton Pickup & Mini Pickup Ext Cab*$391$0.35
1/2 Ton Supercab Pickup & 1/2 Ton Crew Cab Pickup*$424$0.35
3/4 Ton Pickup & 1 Ton Pickup*$414$0.50
3/4 Ton Pickup Supercab*$442$0.50
3/4 Ton Pickup Crew Cab*$504$0.50
1 Ton Supercab PU & 1 Ton Crew Cab*$547$0.50
MEDIUM & HEAVY TRUCKSCall for quote 

* For Pickup towing capacities and procedures, contact Fleet Services at fleetsrv@umn.edu.

Call Fleet Services for a quote for a vehicle not listed here.