Frequently Asked Questions

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Our department has prepaid coupons on hand. What can we do with them?

Prepaid coupons will continue to be accepted at facilities with the old equipment. Check the upgrade status of facilities here. If you have extra coupons that you cannot use, fill out the Prepaid Coupon Refund Request form to request a refund to your EFS chartstring.

Why are budget charge cards being phased out?

Although budget charge cards (BCCs) look like contract keycards, they serve as coupons, as they are a method of calculating the public price of a parking stay and sending the charge to a departmental EFS chartstring. With J4M, departments will create and use individual validations as needed. BCCs will continue to be accepted at facilities until the new equipment is installed. Once you can no longer use your BCCs, return them to PTS for secure disposal.

Where can I still use my budget charge card?

Check the facility update timeline here. Budget charge cards can only be used at facilities not upgraded to new contract equipment.

What do we do with our old budget charge card?

Return old cards to the PTS office for secure disposal. See the address at the bottom of this page.

Where can non-Merchants view information about validation uses and charges?

eStatements will show validations charges, as they currently do for prepaid coupons, departmental coupons and budget charge cards.  

Which facilities accept validations?

Every gated facility on the Twin Cities campus will accept J4M validations after the facility has been upgraded to new equipment. Check the facility update timeline here.

What is the advantage of a ticket scanner?

Use of a ticket scanner is recommended where the volume of tickets to be validated is high and parkers stop at a staffed location, such as a reception desk. A scanner quickly reads the ticket and automatically enters the number into the J4M system, producing the validation.

Why would a Merchant create a Clerk account?

Merchants can delegate to Clerks some or all responsibility for validating parking. The Merchant can monitor Clerk activities from the J4M Dashboard and by running J4M reports.

Can my department have more than one Merchant?

Yes, your department can have multiple Merchants as long as each Merchant is assigned to a different EFS chartfield string. There cannot be multiple Merchants assigned to the same chartfield string.

What do I do if my Clerk credential is not working in the app?

Occasionally, when the app is downloaded, the server points to a European site rather than United States.  The server line should read  If it says "", click once in that field for the ability to change it.  For most people, correcting this fixes the problem.  We are working with the vendor to get rid of this issue.