Student Break/Summer Contracts

Winter Break Contract


Contracts run AFTER the last day of fall semester and BEFORE the first day of spring semester. 

Contract cannot be less than 14 days and requires consecutive dates.

Cost: Variable. Contact us.


Fourth Street Ramp
Minnesota Lot 
East River Road Garage 
Lot 108
Gortner Avenue Ramp 
Lot 95
21st Avenue Ramp

Get It:

Available starting in November.

Visit the PTS Customer Service Desk to purchase a contract.

If you are unable to come into the PTS office to purchase this contract, you may alternatively fill out a Google Form (to be posted in November).


Summer Contract

Readily available for summer semester with all the benefits of a full-time contract.

What: Access to your assigned facility 24/7.
Unlimited entry and exit.
Easy convenient payment through the student accounts receivable (SAR) system.
Cost: Variable. Contact us.
Where: Summer parking contracts will be available in the 21st Ave Ramp, Gortner Ave Ramp, East River Rd Garage, Fourth St Ramp and Minnesota Lot.
Get It:

Students who need a parking contract for summer 2021 must complete this Summer 2021 Student Parking Contract form. Space will be sold on a first response basis.