Bike-Sharing (Nice Ride)

Bicycle-Sharing (Nice Ride)

From April to November, Nice Ride’s bikeshare system offers bikes that can be unlocked using the Nice Ride app, a member key, or a docking station kiosk. Both classic green docking-station pedal bikes and pedal-assist e-bikes with a built-in cable lock are available. Classic bikes can only be parked at Nice Ride docking stations, while e-bikes can be parked at e-stations, public bike racks, and docking stations.

For pricing information and to learn about Nice Ride membership options, visit

New in 2021! Nice Ride will offer a $5 annual Nice Ride for All membership to all students receiving Federal Student Aid. Membership includes waived unlock fees, unlimited 45-minute trips on Classic bikes, discounted e-bike rides and discounted scooter rides. More details here.

There are 19 Nice Ride docking stations on campus and many more docking stations and e-stations near campus. See a map of all NiceRide locations.  On campus docking stations are listed below:

East Bank Campus Locations

  • Coffman Memorial Union
  • Keller Hall
  • Mayo Building
  • Oak Street Ramp
  • McNamara Alumni Center
  • Huntington Stadium at 23rd Avenue & 6th Street
  • 29th & Como Avenues
  • Elliott Hall
  • Pleasant Street & Pillsbury Drive
  • 4th Street Ramp
  • Mariucci Arena
  • Stadium Village light rail station
  • Cooke Hall
  • Civil Engineering
  • Weisman Art Museum at Washington Avenue Bridge
  • Sanford Hall

West Bank Campus Locations

  • Willey Hall at Washington Avenue Bridge
  • Carlson School of Management
  • Social Sciences Building

St. Paul Campus Locations

  • St. Paul Student Center

The U of M, in partnership with the City of Minneapolis, launched this public bike-sharing system in Fall 2010.