Campus Security 624-WALK Service

612-624-WALK (612-624-9255)

The University of Minnesota Police Department offers a free 624-WALK service which provides free walking and vehicle escorts to and from campus locations and nearby adjacent neighborhoods for all students, staff, faculty and visitors (note: vehicles escorts are not always available).

  • 40+ Security Advisors (Full Time) and 30+ Security Monitors (Students) serving the U community.
  • 24/7, 3-4 University Security employees are on hand.

View the 624-WALK website for more information including local service boundaries

Safety Guide Program

The U's new Safety Guide program is part of the University’s layered and comprehensive approach to promoting safety in Minneapolis neighborhoods near our campus.

Guides—identified by Safety Guide shirts and baseball caps—work to provide a welcoming presence and enhance community connections, but also provide extra eyes and ears to help keep our community safe.


While Safety Guide escort services in Dinkytown are not yet fully implemented, don’t hesitate to approach a Safety Guide to ask for an escort to your home, vehicle, or a nearby business in the meantime. More information will be available when service is fully in place.

Rave App

With the Rave Guardian App, students and staff can arrange "virtual walking buddies" on and near campus.  Learn more

Late Night Transportation Options