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Gopher Rideshare

Use this app to connect and share your commute to save time, money and reduce congestion. Learn more at

Download the Gopher RideShare app in the Apple store or on Google Play.

The goal of the Gopher RideShare program is to reduce car congestion, improve air quality, decrease wear and tear on the road and allow individuals to save money by exploring various transportation options.

Ride-share services have come a long way since the days when students used index cards to post on a ride-share board in Coffman Union.

Many current campus carpools are people who already know each other, but Gopher RideShare eases the transition of meeting new people to share rides with.  To ensure familiarity with campus-goers, Gopher RideShare requires users to login with a U of M Internet account. The app is free to download, but costs of individual rides are up to the users to negotiate. 

Additionally, the program expands transportation opportunities beyond carpooling. Users have the opportunity to find single rides, which can help students who simply need a ride home during holiday breaks or a random long weekend.

The app includes resources that can help with biking, walking or transit as well.

University Ride-Share Registration

Staff and faculty members with a current parking contract can register as a carpool or vanpool with PTS. Eligibility and names of ride-sharers are verified and renewed annually. 

A contract holder can access his/her parking facility with an active U Card.  Additionally, any contract holder may purchase up to two PTS Parking Cards for $20 each. Holders of individual contracts may also link up to two license plate numbers to their contract for use by the LPR system. U Cards, PTS Parking Cards, and LPR function interchangeably (only one may be used at a time).

Carpooling/Vanpooling Registration Form

Ride-Sharing Benefits Through Metro Transit
  • Ride matching – connects drivers and riders according to their home addresses.
  • Guaranteed Ride Home Program – Registered participants can request reimbursements up to four times per year or $100 in value, whichever comes first, for eligible trips with valid documentation.
  • Interested in starting or joining a vanpool? Check out the Metropolitan Council's vanpooling program, Metro Vanpool