Faculty/Staff Parking Contract Terms & Conditions

  • The University of Minnesota assumes no responsibility for loss by fire, theft or damage to your vehicle while it is in the parking facility.
  • The University of Minnesota reserves the right to move or reassign cars to another location when necessary.
  • Only one vehicle per contract is permitted to park at any one time. Violation may result in tagging, towing and revocation of your parking contract. 
  • Reciprocal parking is not available for University departmental contracts.
  • Payroll deductions for parking and Metropass contracts are done on a pre-tax basis similar to other employee benefits like health insurance. Pretax parking deductions save employees money on their taxes by reducing their taxable income. 
    • PTS recommends that individuals thinking about having parking charges deducted post-tax first consult their personal tax advisor. 
    • If employees opt to change their tax election, they can contact the PTS Assistant Director of Finance at 612-625-1561 or e-mail parking@umn.edu to begin the process of completing an after-tax election form.
  • To terminate a contract, written notice must be received in the PTS main office 10 days prior to your effective cancellation date. Parking charges will continue to accrue until proper notice is received and will be the responsibility of the contract holder.