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Zimride is a simple way to find friends, classmates and co-workers who are going the same way you are. Combining social networks and route-matching, Zimride makes it easy to share the seats in your car or catch a ride. Zimriders can view profiles for common networks, interests and friends before deciding to share a ride.

It's simple. Have a car? Split the costs by driving fellow U of M community members. Don't have a car? Find a ride where you need to go. You save money, protect the environment, and gain access to carpool parking and many other benefits when you share your ride.

Membership is free and easy.  All U of M students, staff, and faculty are eligible to sign-up for the U's private Zimride Rideshare Community.



Testimonials on Zimride

I go to school in Minneapolis, MN and grew up in Green Bay, WI. It's about a 4-5 hour drive and I like to go back home and visit friends. It's rough though because my Jeep gets terrible gas mileage so a trip home and back costs over $100! As the poor college student that I am, this is not optimal. Zimride got me in contact with two other people to share my costs with!
~ April R.

Zimride worked out great. I got to meet a wonderful woman and talk about subjects I hadn't thought much about. I was also able to share my experiences. The whole trip was engaging. ~ Nick W.

I had a very pleasant experience using Zimride and was able to find a ride to Winona from the University of Minnesota in February.  The process went very smoothly, and the guy I rode with was extremely nice and fun to talk to.  Not only were we thankful that we could split the gas money, but also felt good about ourselves for not releasing so many carbon emissions into the atmosphere! Thanks U of M Zimride!  
~ Stacy N.