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Vehicle Leasing

Seeking a vehicle for your department/area operations? From cars to garbage trucks, PTS Fleet has you covered. By letting us handle the paperwork, you can save yourself time and money.

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Need a Courtesy Vehicle?

Fleet Services offers the opportunity to schedule courtesy reservations online after you have made a maintenance appointment with the shop.

Please reach out to Melina Helgeson with questions via phone 612-625-8589 or email

Step-by-Step Instructions: How to Get a Courtesy Vehicle


Start the Leasing Process

  1. Determine your time commitment.
    1. Minimum lease period is one year and can be terminated with a 90-day written notice.
  2. Fill out the Request Form to start the process.
    1. In order to request a new lease vehicle for a University department or business unit, the New Vehicle Request Form must be completed and emailed to
    2. Once this form has been submitted, a representative from Fleet & Transit Services will contact the requestor within three business days to discuss the request in more detail.
  3. Your vehicle is ordered after another form is submitted authorizing the actual vehicle purchase or lease.
    1. Typically, the requestor decides the vehicle color and options.
    2. This process takes a minimum of 120 days.
    3. Occasionally, vehicles are available for immediate lease.
    4. At times, an interim vehicle may be available for your use until your new vehicle arrives.
  4. Pick-up your vehicle at the PTS Fleet Building, 901-29th Avenue SE
    1. Our office will contact you once the vehicle arrives. The lease agreement must be completed and signed before the vehicle leaves the lot.
  5. Leasing charges are billed monthly through eStatements.

  6. If you need a parking contract for the Twin Cities campus, contact Customer Service at 612-626-7275.


Lease Conditions


Tickets/Tolls/Other Citation Responsibility

Tickets, unpaid tolls, and other citations are the responsibility of the driver, not the department. See the University of Minnesota Board of Regents Policy.

NOTE: Tolls are reimbursable travel expenses, however, late fees associated with unpaid tolls are the responsibility of the driver.


Research Guidelines

When vehicles are used for field work, please take reasonable care to protect the vehicle. We are all stewards of University property.

This includes, but is not limited to, these guidelines:

We appreciate your cooperation.



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