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Fun and Games

Gopher Way gameThe Gopher Way Game

The Gopher Way Game is a puzzle game designed by Han Zhang and Xiao Dong, U of M students.

Distraction Dodger

Distraction Dodger is an Internet-based video game developed by the Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) Institute at the University of Minnesota. The game is designed to help young adults understand the importance of concentrating on driving.

Gridlock Buster

Gridlock Buster is a traffic control game developed by the ITS Institute and Web Courseworks that lets students try their hand at working in the engineering and transportation field. The game incorporates tools and ideas that traffic control engineers use in their everyday work.







Facilitating safe and effective integrated transportation systems that provide services for pedestrians, bicycles, transit and vehicles.

Supporting University endeavors by giving departments a selection of vehicle choices to fulfill their needs.


Enhancing your way around the University with innovative multi-modal transportation solutions